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Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of CSE established in the year 2007, offers a Bachelors Degree program and Master Degree Program in Computer Science & Engineering under the affiliation of Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum. The department has a current intake of 120 students.

The department of CSE has a highly qualified faculty members with a great motivation and eagerness to learn new and emerging concepts. The department is well equipped with latest configuration systems and software tools to satisfy the syllabus and to get knowledge to compete with the emerging technology and to solve real time problem. The department has organized conferences, workshop, Faculty development program, periodic talk on emerging trends from industry personal. Our student visit Industry to get themselves exposed to real world and to have an idea about the needs of the society.Our students take up internship and projects in industries. Many of our students are placed well in reputed companies and serving the societal needs.

The faculty members are highly qualified and experienced with specialization in Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Networking, Algorithms, Programming, Data Mining, Image Processing, Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Computer graphics, Web Technology, Embedded systems, Network security, etc.They focus on inculcating the fundamental concepts of the disciplines besides conducting extended lab sessions to the Learners Community, in the best transitions of practice lease to perfection. Varieties of Co-Curriculum activities are being periodically organized by the faculty of the department to add value to the Teaching-Learning Process.


About Computer Science

The faculty members in the department encourage the students to think on innovative ideas to give effective solution and produce a smart city. The department has faculty members who strive hard to teach the different level of students withcase studies, group discussions and explaining the concept clearly by solving more problems to make the concept clear.

Computing Science is the study of theoretical foundations of information and computation coupled with the practical techniques of their implementation and applications in Computer System. In a broader sense, it is the systematic study of algorithmic processes that create, deliver and transforms information. Computer Science has many sub-fields; Computer Graphics, emphasize the computation of specific results, while the computational complexity theory, includes the study of the properties of computational problems. Challenges in implementing computations, as in the case of programming language theory, focuses on describing the computations, while computer programming applies specific programming languages to solve specific computational problems, and Human-computer interaction focuses on the challenges in making computers and computations useful, usable and universally accessible to people.

Vision: To be in the frontier and prominent department of computer science and engineering producing competent professionals with research and innovation skills, inculcating ethics, moral values and working for the betterment of the society.

Mission: To strengthen the students with core knowledge and train them in latest technology, so that they come out as successful graduates with personal and societal responsibility.


  • To impart world class education in engineering and technology
  • The course aims at imparting knowledge to the students on the fundamental principles of Computer Science
  • It is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of Computer and its applications to meet the requirement of the state of art of the software industry. To build ethically strong and socially responsible citizens
  • To conduct research in the relevant fields and to further advancement of learning and dissemination of knowledge
  • To impart up to date technical knowledge and skills and produce well-qualified engineers in areas of Computer Science and Engineering, who will make qualitative difference in this field.
  • To inculcate the professional responsibilities to play leadership role along with their diverse career paths and develop capability to utilize engineering skills in industry.
  • To address social and cultural breath demanded of them in the modern society.
  • Dr. Sundeep Kumar K

    Professor, HOD
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    Mr. Sukesh H A

    Assistant Professor
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    Dr. B Loganayagi

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    Mr. Jayakumar B L

    Associate Professor
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    Mrs. Ramya H J

    Assistant Professsor
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    Mrs. Jayashri M

    Assistant Professsor
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    Mr. Manoj Kumar N I

    Assistant Professsor
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    Mr Arun Kumar S

    Assistant Professsor
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    Mr. K A Nagabhiravanath

    Assistant Professor
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    Sr_No Name Achievement
    1 Mr. Manoj Kumar N I Completed NPTEL course - Programming in Java faculty
    2 Mr. Manoj Kumar N I Member of VTU Technical Dictionary faculty
    3 Mr. Sukesh H A Participated in WHO supervised LIFE SKILLS training conducted by NIMHANS, Govt of Karnataka faculty
    4 Dr. Loganayagi B • Served as Resource Person of Cyber Security Webinar conducted at National Level, • Undergone a Training Program on Learning Management Systems cosponsored by National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning(NPTEL) at Indian Institute of Science(IISC) , Bangalore faculty
    Sr No Activity Year Activity Name Activity Type
    1 2019 AGNEYA Technical Fest
    2 2020 Webinar Webinar on Business Intelligence
    Sr No Faculty_name Title Status Name_of_journal
    1 Dr. B. Loganayagi Secure Cloud Computing Services usingVirtualization and Service Policy Monitoring Techniques Published Journal of Convergence Information Technology
    2 Dr. B. Loganayagi Improving Cloud Security through Virtualization Published Trends in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology. CCSEIT 2011. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 204. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.,
    3 Dr. B. Loganayagi Enhancing Cloud Security through Policy Monitoring Technique Published Computational Intelligence and Information Technology. CIIT 2011. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 250. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg,
    4 Dr. B. Loganayagi Enhanced Cloud Security by Combining Virtualization and Policy Monitoring Techniques Published Procedia Engineering, Volume 30,
    5 Dr. B. Loganayagi Creating Virtual Platform for Cloud Computing Published 2010 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research,, doi: 10.1109/ICCIC.2010.5705744
    6 Dr. B. Loganayagi Cloud Computing in Stax Platform Published 2011 IEEE International Conference on Computer, Communication and Electrical Technology (ICCCET),, doi: 10.1109/ICCCET.2011.5762436
    7 Dr. K Sundeep Kumar Age Detection based on Facial Image using Fusion Extreme Learning Machine Classifier Published Tourlish Journal of Computer and Mathematical Education ( Scoupus) Vol. 12 No. 6, 4535-4546, 2021.
    8 Dr. K Sundeep Kumar “Contrast Enhancement and segmentyation using Wavelet Analysis and Non-Linear Enhancement in Diabetic Foot Ulcer Imaging” Published Tourkish Journal of Computer and Mathematical Education ( Scoupus) Vol. 12 No. 6, 4173-4181, 2021.